The Power of PTI Pro™

The PTI Pro™ software is wholly unique in that it brings together a multitude of other stochastic, oscillator, parabolic, fractal, and geometric market analytics using the most advanced in applied mathematical tools. Incorporating an amazing twist on FFT (Fast Fourier Transform Analysis), a fractal algorithm, and some of the PTI Pro ‘secret sauce’, the PTI Pro team has finally made available a ‘trend predictive’ technology that is presently unsurpassed on at least this planet.

The PTI Pro™ technology can be used along with any simple charting system to identify (1) great trading opportunities: those with the most opportunity with the least risk; and (2) dynamic risk management for each trade.

While the PTI Pro™ is not one-hundred percent predictive, it is uncannily accurate. A trader with a basic understanding of technical analysis, will typically find that the PTI is the only software needed outside of basic charting, to trade on any time frame in almost any market.


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